Sound & Intercom Systems
Southern Sound understands that intercom and paging systems in today’s educational and commercial environment are paramount.

Sound & Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems

Southern Sound understands that intercom and paging systems in today’s educational and commercial environment are paramount and as a direct dealer for Telecor and a service provider for Bogen and Dukane, you can rest assured that top quality is our main concern.

Southern Sound provides a complete sound analysis to identify your communication challenges, and we will suggest customized solutions to improve your communication needs that incorporate your company’s vision, needs, growth and budget.

For The Classroom:

Intercom systemsoffer emergency features such as single-button access to reach an individual classroom, the ability to page all rooms at once, the ability to page multiple buildings as well as inputs for background music or recordings.

Systems can be designed with a built-in emergency evacuation to include pre-recorded event messages for severe weather warnings, fire evacuation instructions, intruder lock downs, medical emergencies and more. Our school paging systems come equipped with automatic clock-controlled tone generators for start-of-class and/or end-of-class scheduled bell tones over classroom and hallway speakers.

For Businesses:

Paging systems provide better internal communications overall as well as general notifications and emergency alerts. Both analog and IP paging solutions are available. The versatility of devices like door phones, entry phones and intercoms makes them ideal for any kind of communications and security strategy.

Sound & Paging Systems

Southern Sound provides both Sound and Paging Systems to fit all industrial and commercial needs — everything from subtle background music to a wide range of paging needs using the latest technology from Bose, JBL, Crown, QSC, Atlas and Toa.

You’ve chosen everything from furniture to paint in order to establish the perfect atmosphere for your customers. Don’t overlook another critical component — sound. Background music is widely used in shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, offices, warehouses and many other types of facilities.

In shopping centers background music has proven to be effective by increasing the length of time customers stay in the store which improves sales. In hospitals, peaceful or cheerful music can help to reduce patients' fear and pain. Music is also sometimes used to convey messages to staff in such a way that the customers don't notice. For example, some department stores play a pre-determined piece of music to alert staff to the fact that it has begun raining outside so that they will know to use the appropriate rainproof wrapping for purchased goods. This is a great way to alert staff without disrupting the in-store mood with jarring announcements.

Paging Systems can provide both emergency and non-emergency notifications through overhead speakers, horns, visual signs and computer pop-ups. Most telephone systems offer limited paging capabilities but our paging systems provide you with the flexibility to create the system you need at a price your business can afford. Paging systems are a convenient and cost effective way to be sure that everyone in your organization stays on top of communications effectively. They also allow the employees of your business to communicate in more than one area simultaneously.

A quick consultation with our industry experts will enable you to determine which of our paging systems and wireless messaging apps is the right fit for your business. We can assure you that not all paging systems and apps are the same but it’s worth your time to compare. Sound and Paging is Essential to Every Business! Companies can improve productivity, personnel efficiency and increase safety and security!

There are a number of important aspects to consider when you or your company is selecting a sound and paging system:

  • Does the system’s background music stop playing when someone is paging?
  • Can telephone speakers and paging speakers be accessed at the same time?
  • Can different zones of speakers be defined? For example, can warehouse paging be specifically defined so that it doesn’t unnecessarily interrupt the front office area?
  • Can paging be accomplished over a network to a remote site?
  • Does the telephone system have page queues for each user so pages are kept short and don’t haveto be repeated?
  • Does the paging system support “talk back” so a person being paged can respond hands-free?
  • Does the paging system support telephone night ringing?
  • Does the paging system support connection to the fire alarm or other emergency systems?
  • We offer a wide variety of quality products that can be customized to fit any situation and we will work closely with you to provide guidance and assistance in implementing everything from the simplest paging system to the most complex mass notification communications system solution.